So here I am trying to figure out how to work this crazy Blogger and I can’t believe I am having so many problems!  I am a smart girl, why can’t I get this, maybe because I keep starting and making changes then moving on to something else.  There are just so many things that are grabbing my attention, looking for a job, helping BF, taking care of my house and BF (he does have this curious habit of wanting to eat every few hours), my cat (Oliver or Ollie for short) he’s very needy, different projects that I seem to always be in the middle of, worrying about my kids or my friends, or stressing about being a step-mom, or illness, or a million of little things that happen everyday in all our lives but others seem to be able to blog, why can’t I?

Oliver and my million n 1 projects!

I do have another blog on Vistaprint, (check it out, it’s pretty good, got almost 200 visitors every time I post) its one of the reason’s I am afraid to start this blog, what if no one reads this one? What if it hurts my business (LOL, get real girl, what business, well I am just starting and profits aren’t everything right)?

Hasn’t every mother felt this way at some point?

Its so scary to change, but one would think its old hat to me now; 47 years on this planet and so many, many changes. Three wonderful sons came and went from my home, family members gone, friends old and new ever changing, jobs come and go, moves near and far, and 3 marriages, 3 failures, and now a new relationship.  Change should be a cake walk right, but its still so frightening and so much easier to just stay the course. The familiar is so reassuring.

I made this bloom, and its a miracle!

Change is what I wanted last year when I decided to start this whole venture, tired of working for greedy corporate America who only sees me as a number, someone who costs them money, not an essential part of their company even though in reality me sitting in that chair answering that phone speaking to their customers made their big million dollar bonus possible each year, and my reward, higher premium on my healthcare benefits and a pittance of a 1.3% cost of living raise! I needed to make something for myself and now was the time since I was on my own, kids all gone I was only responsible for myself now, the 1st time in 25 years I didn’t have to worry about buying someone else’s food, or shoes or a roof for them.

Luv my Irish heritage! 

What better time to make a leap of faith then when your whole world has been turned upside down.  I will be the 1st to admit that my marriage was in bad shape but it had been almost 15 years and we were within the last 100 yards of the race and could see the finish line, he just couldn’t or wouldn’t go the distance, I still don’t know why and now don’t care. I am happy, I have worked hard to be happy again.  I deserve to be happy.  That is surprisingly hard to say at least it was.  I believe it now.  I live it everyday. I am thankful everyday that I survived and am better for it, I cherish my BFF, without her I NEVER could of done it, and I never would have given BF a chance to make me happy without her standing beside me supporting me.  She is a gift.  BF is another gift but we can talk more about that later 😉

I luv bright colors and my style is vintage eclectic 

I want to invite you to come along on this crazy ride called life with me.  We will cook together, craft together, laugh and cry together.  I will give you stories and advice on being a mom from 2 perspectives one experienced in raising kids for 25+ years, and a new mom trying to negotiate the waters of co-parenting with BF and his ex. We will talk about relationships together both the male – female kind but also siblings, friends and co-workers, heck lets include the neighbors too. I will share with you my crazy cat antics (Siamese who thinks he’s a dog and is addicted to ice). I will impart you with wise words on life and some silly ones too and new things in fashion, entertainment and heck maybe even politics. All views and opinions are welcome here, no one will be looked down upon or judged for being different.  For me one of the greatest parts of life are the differences; imagine if we were all the same how boring that would be!

If this isn’t funny this might not be the blog for you but its ok the world is more colorful with all us being different!

So sit down, buckle up, cause its going to be a bumpy ride! If you haven’t seen that Bette Davis delivered perfection of a line, we will get to that to, I luv a great black n white classic!

Luv and enjoy y’all


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