First Signs of Spring

I walked out onto my patio this morning and found a bright world of color had blossomed over night.  For me this is always the first signs of spring.  It was as if a box of crayons had exploded.  I decided that today would be another great day to test out the camera on my Nokia Lumia 920.  Yup that’s right all my pics are taken on my cellphone.  One I like the convenience I only want to have one gadget to carry around, 2 the ex stole my camera when he left and I cannot afford to replace it, 3 the Nokia Lumia 920 is supposed to have the best camera on any phone on the market.  Since I bought it last October (goodbye iPhone, your latest version so disappointed me) I have been very pleased with the pics.  Today was going to be a big test, spring pics are some of my favs, so if I didn’t like them then it would be time to see about getting a new camera.

When the afternoon light was just perfect I grabbed my phone and headed outside.  Lucky for me my apartment complex has gorgeous landscaping. When we moved in last September it was a cool, lush oasis from the heat, then a gorgeous blaze of autumn colors, and for Christmas all the pines gave us that sweet pine smell, and lovely pinecones and branches to decorate with.  Now I was being greeted by a spring landscape fit for a fairy tale, a place far, far away and long ago.  I am in heaven!

Yesterday only the cherry tree was in bloom, the rest truly happened overnight.  Other then cropping I made no adjustments to these pics, and I am totally in luv with my Nokia! I think there are some of these that have real potential and I just might have to make some prints and frame them, maybe I will even sell a few.

Which one is your favorite?

Hope where ever you are spring has arrived.

Enjoy Y’all


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