Wrapping things up…

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Well I finally decided… I want my blog to permanetly live here on WordPress.  While I am still super new and learning something everyday, WordPress has been fantastic.  I have tried pretty much all the others and this one is by far the best at helping you navigate this crazy world called blogging!

I will be importing all my posts from the other sites (slowly, I don’t want to mess it up) and I will probably still keep my actual website for awhile.  I really do like Vistaprint, they have been instrumental in me even starting all this ‘own my own business’ stuff in the 1st place.  Hope on over and take a look…designsbylizz.co. I am really proud of it after almost a year of messing with design and content, but there is still a long road to go, including making a profit.  Well money isn’t everything right?

Have a great weekend and Enjoy Y’all


Just a little advice girls ;)

                                                Just a little advice girls 😉


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