How to Boil an Egg or I am just the lamest cook ever!

I have a confession …
I can’t boil an egg.
I know, how can you get more basic then boiling an egg.  To be honest I have never been a big egg eater, so when mom boiled eggs I didn’t really pay attention.  Now I do luv egg salad sandwiches and so does BF so today I thought why not… lets learn how to boil an egg 😉
I pulled down the BHG cookbook, grabbed 4 eggs and a pan and jumped right in.
1. Cover 4 eggs making sure there is 1 inch above eggs.
2. Boil rapidly, meaning they want you to put it on high and make it come to a boil quicker than you might normally.
3. Once boiling remove from heat and cover for 4 mins. I set a timer.
Now the last step I remember my mother doing, drain, and then rinse and let rest for a couple of mins in cool water just so you can handle the eggs.  If you aren’t using them for awhile then skip this cool down process just drain of the hot to stop the cooking process.
1. Same as above till the boil you reduce the heat and let simmer 15-20 mins.
Easy peasy right, can’t believe it has taken me 40 some years to figure this one out 😉
Enjoy Y’all
P.S. anybody got any tips for peeling?

3 thoughts on “How to Boil an Egg or I am just the lamest cook ever!

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