I will never buy bread again!

Recently I bought a Welbuilt AMB 3900 (check out bread machines here) at my favorite local thrift shop, Madera Thrift Center. It’s a great store if you spend more then $10 they will stamp the back of your receipt which you can take back any day and get 50% off of everything!

The Welbilt AMB3900

The Welbilt AMB3900

I had spotted this little gem the week before but was limited on funds and shopping for clothes for the steppies at the time, so I passed it up. 😦

Last week I went back to browse and to my surprise it was still there.  It was marked at $12.99 but I had my trusty coupon and got it half off… what a steal.

BF was skeptical when I brought it inside but when I plugged it in and it beeped alive he was like good, now make some bread! (LOL, not really) I knew it worked because the store has outlets you can plug electrical items into before you buy. I never would have bought it without being able to check it first.

So Sunday when the steppies where here I thought now is the perfect time to try it out, we can do it together (they LUV helping me in the kitchen) and then they can have fresh bread for breakfast.  Now sometimes I am not the brightest bulb in the box, and I just automatically grabbed my trusty BHG cookbook and went to breads, white.  We mixed it all together and added it in closed the lid and hit menu #1 and start.  Then we went to play.

About 2 hours later I didn’t smell baking bread; it smelt like burnt plastic.  I checked the machine, no smoke, not too hot, tried to look in the little window, it looked like bread, so I left it to do its thing. I just hoped the smell wouldn’t effect the bread.

Finally it beeped to tell me it was done, I rushed over, lifted the lid and…

My bread exploded!

I should have taken a pic it was truly awful! And I was truly disappointed. Good thing I had just bought a new loaf of bread so I didn’t have to rush out for any for breakfast.

Once everyone was sleeping I pulled out my laptop and got to researching and found this.

So today we were running low on bread and I thought ok lets try again.

I followed the instructions from the youtube video and again added my ingredients, chose 1 and start. The I waited and worried and waited and worried… I must have check it a dozen times. No plastic smell this time, just glorious baking bread, just like momma’s. I took that for a good sign.

I was playing a game when she beeped at me.  Nervously I went to the machine and opened the lid and viola ….

The 1st fresh loaf

                                                    The 1st fresh loaf

Yes! Victory is mine!  I will never buy another loaf of bread again.  Its crust is perfection, the inside is soft and delicious and my whole house smelled amazing.  

Look at that gorgeous crust! Even the shape is perfect

Look at that gorgeous crust! Even the shape is perfect

Don't you just want to grab some butter and taste its yummy goodness... I did ;)

Don’t you just want to grab some butter and taste its yummy goodness… I did 😉

I will be pinning lots of recipes for my favorite new appliance.

Enjoy Y’all


PS the bread you see in the background is about to be put in the food processor for crumbs, and the last kind of that over-processed, fating bread you will see in my house!


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