How my Garden Grows


I luv these sweet little violas. I get them from the Dollar store and they are an instant punch of color to my garden while I wait for my seeds to get started.


These white and lilac ones remind me of my grandmothers house.


Its just amazing how many flowers I can get quickly from a $2 investment!


This sad fellow was a gorgeous plant last year, when the leaves come in it has a red tint to it, but I placed it outside too soon this year and we had a cold snap and this is what happened. Hopefully I can save it, I’ll keep you updated on his progress. In the pot next to him is a plant I got from my BFF after her house fire, I have been babysitting for almost a year now.  He has a ton of babies coming in, I’m super excited, and I tossed in a package of mixed flower seeds this year and there is so much happening in there it should be amazing in a month or so.


Sweet basil, herbs take forever to get going. I had Oregano and Parsley too but they never came up so I now have Cilantro (which is way better anyway) and Catnip! Oliver is going to luv that.


These will be pretty sunflowers all in a row.  Last year the sunflowers were one of my best producers. Super easy to grow and last forever.


This is another Dollar store find, no tag but its a succulent of some kind and its bloom is a sweet pink.


This is Morning Glory, hard to imagine that in just a few short weeks this will be a huge mass of glorious bright blue flowers and heart shaped leaves.  I luv that this year I have an actual pole to let it trial up.


And while it doesn’t grow in my garden I am lucky enough to live across the street from Starbucks and I get my favorite Venti Mocha Frap, no whip, all the time. Thanks BF, u r the best xo

I started my little patio garden paradise about a month ago and so much progress already I am thrilled.  I credit the homemade mulch I worked so hard on all winter.  Who would have thought that I would go from a brown handed girl to Lil Miss Green Thumbs in just a couple of years 😉 I sure never did.

I will keep you updated on the progress as the year goes on I am sure you will get tired of all the pics long before I do.

Enjoy Y’all



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