Cupcake Onesies, the cutest gift I ever gave!

A few months ago while I was researching blogs I came across the cutest way to wrap baby shower gifts like sweet little cupcakes, and I knew I would be using that idea for a friends upcoming shower.
I have spent the last couple of months purchasing little gifts that I came across, socks, little outfits, a tiny cap, sunglasses and little tennis shoes (I have a weak spot for baby shoes).  Last night I prepared to wrap up all my goodies for the shower on Sunday.
I attempted the cupcake many times and it just wasn’t working as the directions showed… hmm now what?
Aha! YouTube!  I just luv YouTube, with a video for just about anything you want to do or see I grabbed my laptop and searched.  There are dozens of videos with great how-tos on making the onesie cupcakes.  I watched a few, and attempted it again… Success!
Here are the socks, I used 2 pair and these are tiny newborn socks but all the videos I saw used larger ones so I just had to play with it until I got the shape I wanted.
Next I pulled out the cute little beanie cap… and it made this sweet rose bud to which I added a stem and leaves.  There was a Martha Stewart video with a whole bouquet of these, super cute idea.
The onesie was by far the hardest, again I just played with it, and one of the videos used tape and rubber bands to achieve the desired shape; a very helpful tip. I also made my own cupcake wrapper from blue construction paper.
 I also had a pair of tiny little swim trunks.
The other gifts I placed in small white shirt boxes, added ribbons and then used another ribbon to tie them altogether   I placed the sunglasses in a bag. For filler I cut strips of construction paper to match, and added the rose.  For a final touch I taped the shoes to the top, arranged with the cupcakes I curled several ribbons and piled those on top coming out of the shoes.
I am so excited to see my friends face when she gets her gift.  For me wrapping the gift is a big part of giving, presentation says so much about the thought and care that went into the giving. Anyone can go to the store and buy something fancy and expensive, but when you take the time to decorate and make a beautiful presentation its shows how much you care and how important that person is to you.
Here’s to beautiful gift giving.Enjoy Y’all

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