My quiet Mother’s Day movie fest!

I decided to take a day of R & R on my mothers day.  I got up early had coffee and watched the sunrise, then it time for some movies and a little work (cause I can never do just one thing at a time).

I started my day with some action; ‘The Crow‘ the original 1994 version not any of the sequels, is one of my favorite’s cult classic, with a rockin soundtrack, interesting storyline and starring the super sexy Brandon Lee, a huge loss to Hollywood when he was killed on set during filming.


After the blood warmup I moved onto some gore, I’m a huge horror fan so I chose “The Cabin in the Woods” which I had not seen and was free through Amazon Prime.  I was fairly impressed with the storyline, a decent cast, and I’d give it a 7 out 10.


Next up a does of girly rom-com with, “Morning Glory

morning glorymovie

Adorably funny and light with Harrison Ford and Patrick Wilson 2 handsome leading men. Plus super funny Diane Keaton, as Colleen Peck former Miss Arizona turned bitter Diva hosting on a failing 4th spot morning TV show.  Lets not forget the perfect sweet, but driven tv producer who has to turn around the show or everybody gets the boot, and of course along the way is true love with a handsome young man.

On the billboard next was “Hot Fuzz” British humor super hilarious, a guy comedy, but not so guy that a girl can’t watch and laugh along too. A London super cop is sent to a sleepy countryside village where he finds things a little too perfect. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are a perfect modern day Abbott and Costello always have me rofl.  If you haven’t seen it grab a copy to watch with your man, he will appreciate that you watch with him and I promise you will laugh.


Now I am enjoying a little British history with “KJB The Book that Changed the World“, about the history of the King James bible and how it influences all our lives.

Such an wonderful day, I really have not just had a movie day in forever, felt great to just wind down and relax. Really needed it too I have been working really hard actually so hard I could not even blog all week! Sorry about that y’all 😦 I’ll try to do better, I do have plans and several projects in the works. And oh my the garden is just about to burst out in color, just in time for my bday which is just around the corner.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at a meeting for an organization I have dreamed of getting into since I was a little girl, more on that later 😉

SO I am going to say good night enjoy the banana split my son is getting for me at Baskins and finish my show.

Hope your day was perfect with love and respect for moms everywhere.

Enjoy Y’all



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