My Shop is Open!

Last year when I began my business I had no idea how to do any of this… blogging was a mystery, creating a website was I thought beyond my expertise, and having my own shop was nothing but an impossible dream.

Now here we are May 2013 and I am up and running and very happy with the outcome and feeling all the long nights and stressful days well worth the effort.

Don’t get me wrong still not making a profit but thats ok, I have a job and bills are being paid, the apartment is coming together bit by bit and heck even money saved, so I am slowly moving towards my goal of actually making $$.

As you may already know I love, love to shop and I have a great eye for a classic piece and know how to spot a bargain, so know I want to pass those bargains onto you and make sure that you stay looking your best for less 😉

Here’s a peek at what is in the store now…

AnnTaylorLoftBoxPleatTop2 AnnTaylorLoftBoxPleatTop3 AnnTaylorLoftBoxPleatTop4 AnnTaylorLoftLBD AnnTaylorLoftLBD2 AnnTaylorLoftLBD4 AnnTaylorLoftLBD5 AnnTaylorWhiteLinenShell1 AnnTaylorWhiteLinenShell2 AnnTaylorWhiteLinenShell4 AnnTaylorWhiteLinenShell5 CMalandrinoCreamPeasantTop2 CMalandrinoCreamPeasantTop3 CMalandrinoCreamPeasantTop7 GapChambrayWrapStyleTop1 GapChambrayWrapStyleTop2 GapChambrayWrapStyleTop5 INCBlackCrochetPeasantTop2 INCBlackCrochetPeasantTop3 INCBlackCrochetPeasantTop9 IsaacMizrahiPinkPartyDress2 IsaacMizrahiPinkPartyDress3 IsaacMizrahiPinkPartyDress4 IsaacMizrahiPinkPartyDress6 IsaacMizrahiRedWhiteBlueSweaterVest1 IsaacMizrahiRedWhiteBlueSweaterVest2 MossimoLilacDress2 MossimoLilacDress3 MossimoLilacDress8 NinewestBluePrintSundress3 NinewestBluePrintSundress4 NinewestBluePrintSundress7 OldNavyDropWaistTankDress1 OldNavyDropWaistTankDress2 OldNavyDropWaistTankDress3 OldNavyDropWaistTankDress4 RubyRexDenimTulleDress1 RubyRexDenimTulleDress2 RubyRexDenimTulleDress5 (2) RubyRexDenimTulleDress5 SunnyLeighWhiteRuffleCollarTop2 SunnyLeighWhiteRuffleCollarTop3 SunnyLeighWhiteRuffleCollarTop4 SunnyLeighWhiteRuffleCollarTop9

As you can see there is a wide variety of items, all different sizes and from casual to office to Friday date nite.  Come on over a check them all out, bookmark me, pin it, share to all, invite a friend or too, the more the merrier.

But most of all…

Enjoy Y’all



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