Yummy Egg Salad or Something to do with all those hard boiled eggs after Easter!

Egg Salad is great, its fast, easy, low cal, and low fat.  You can eat it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, or a midnite snack. You can serve it on bread, toast, crackers or a bed of lettuce.  Talk about a versatile food.  When I was teaching we had a snack truck that would come around just in time for morning break and those ladies whipped up a delish egg salad, I just loved to grab one with a chocolate milk, I could eat half, then save the rest for lunch and I was satisfied all day.
Today I was wanting to try something different for breakfast and needed to post a food blog so as I stood in front of the frig wondering what to do I saw the mayo next to the eggs and there it was egg salad.  What how do I boil an egg? hmmm check out that learning experience here.
Since I don’t boil eggs I have never made egg salad before, I consulted the BHG bible but they didn’t have what I wanted. I decided to just wing it… here’s what I came up with,
1/4 c mayo
1 tsp mustard
1/8 finely chopped onion
1/8 finely chopped celery
salt and pepper to taste
1/4 tsp paprika
Smash it all together.
Serve on whole wheat toast.
It was fast, easy, cheap, very yummy, and BF luv’d it ;D
Awesome morning learned how to boil and egg and make egg salad! Win WIN!
Enjoy Y’all

Easy Marbled Easter Eggs

A friend gave me this easy way to make marble look Easter eggs, I would using suggest gloves and tongs as you are working with straight dye not diluted. You are going to luv the results


First get regular shave cream not gel. You want to use containers that you don’t mind if they get stained and spray a good amount of cream in.

Next with your dyes simply dot the cream.  Since I mixed my own colors I actually used a paintbrush to dab the dye on the shaving cream. Then with a toothpick swirl. Don’t mix, just swirl together, otherwise you will just get a nicely colored egg but not a marbled.

I used one pan and started with a teal green that I created by mixing colors together, blue and green more green then blue.  Choose colors that you like; you don’t have to be super fancy or artistic, do what you enjoy.


This is my final cream mixture using a teal, orange and yellow dye.

Remember crafting should be fun, so play with it!

Now take your egg (hard-boiled or hollowed) and roll it gently through the mixture making sure to cover entire egg.  Gently set aside to dry, I used the egg crate so as not to wipe off any of the shave cream.


That’s the teal color painted onto a piece of egg shell in the background. Isn’t it beautiful? I just luv teals, peacocks, aquas, all the greens.

I then added orange (red-yellow) and rolled an egg through.


Orange and Teal

Finally I added some neon yellow and rolled one more egg.


Teal and Neon Yellow

Now the hard part, waiting for the dyes to set on the egg.  Give it about 15 mins. Then simply wipe off the cream with a paper towel and viola gorgeous marbled eggs!


This is how I set mine to let them dry while waiting.


I think these would be beautiful on an Easter buffet as hard-boiled eggs.

Beautiful Marbled Eggs

Enjoy Y’all


Easter Decorating has turned into an Obsession!!

It all started innocently enough, wanting to share a beautiful, fun and creative family tradition with my stepkids.   I began innocently enough and then it started to grow, I realized it but had other projects and things going on so I wasn’t concerned.  Today I realized it was taking over my life and I was obsessed!

I sent my BFF a text… “Eggs have taken over my house!”  I realized it when I was editing and organizing photos for this post and could fully see my addiction… Almost 250 pics… of eggs! And yes the majority are individual eggs!  WOW!

So I have decided to shut down the project.  I will be sharing with you over the next week or so, I don’t want to blow up the internet or my laptop trying to do it all at once, but most importantly I don’t want to bore you with what might seem like the same things over and over.  They really are different I promise and I hope you really love them all.. I know I do 😉

Without further ado… Easter

Ta Dah… I made these eggs a few years for a decorating contest at work, which I won!

All these eggs are hollow, when I break one I try to use the bits and pieces to make something different, waste not want  not, as my momma always said.

 I had recently purchased a scrapbook kit and while rummaging through my supplies to try and find some idea of what to do for the contest I found it and it was a ‘aha’ moment.

I have loved Easter since I was a child its such an amazing time of year, Spring, babies animals, flowers, fancy new clothes for church…

This little cutie was from my childhood… mom always found the cutest things to place in our baskets!

This one actually used to clip on to things but I think I played with it too much as a child  but its still adorable!

I had to blur the faces but I really wanted to show you a lacy doily my momma made, and this great flower box I got  for a $1 at my fav local thrift shop!

Don’t forget to add some gorgeous color to your wardrobe too.

I Luv Spring was the theme I went with on these eggs and I presented them like this but in a basket not a silver tray. Tomorrow I will show you how we displayed them when I was a little girl.

Enjoy Y’all